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White Strech Limo back in the day. Lincoln town car provides luxurious limousine service for the Tri-Cities. Kennewick, Pasco, Richland are privileged to have us for their transportation needs.

Back in 1993

About Us

First established limousine service in
Tri-Cities, WA!


We are a locally owned family business that are long time residents who knows the area like the back-of-our-hand. We are also FULLY LICENSED, INSURED , and REGULATED by State and Federal Agencies! We also maintain our Operating Authority to legally cross state lines and have access to go to the airport.


Why is this important?  A limousine can be luxurious on the inside, but it is also a working vehicle. This means that limos need regular vehicle inspections! Because we are regulated through the WA UTC, and the federal FMCSA we have regular inspections to insure that You are safe while riding in our limos! We have found some services that are not regulated, are illegal services that do not have the authority to operate. They also do not carry the proper insurance, and their vehicles are not inspected for safety. Inspections for stretched vehicles are very important since they are modified after the original manufacture build and have more stress on the mechanical parts that are designed for a regular sized car.



There are two ways of being licensed for a limousine company:

Make sure your rent from a FULLY LICENSED, Insured and Regulated limousine company either from the UTC of Washington or a fully registered Limousine Permit Carrier. You can use the below search tools to find a company that is registered:



**Please note for DOL Limousine Permit Carriers - We have seen other companies only registering 1 vehicle in order to get a limo permit, however they run multiple vehicles. The other vehicles that are not registered are not inspected for safety and are not insured, meaning you have no coverage. Insurance doesn't blanket all vehicles, it only covers specific vehicles. Please make sure that the vehicle you are renting has been inspected by the state and has the proper insurance coverage that is on file with the State of Washington.

Our limos and chauffeurs are RELIABLE! We keep regular maintenance on our vehicles so there are No breakdowns! On time!

Your chauffeur will be fun and accommodating because we treat all of our clients with the utmost care and VIP treatment. Whether it's an early pick-up to the airport, wedding, or a late night pick up at a restaurant and bar, we are there for you. We are a 24/7 limousine service. We know how weddings, wine tours, Quinceañeras, proms, and homecomings work, because we have been providing service since 1986!

We offer Executive VIP service for high profile clients.  We are fully licensed, insured, and regulated. We are also the only transportation service in Tri-Cities, including black car services, that can provide transportation for out of state clients and can cross state lines! Vehicles are inspected every year.

Safety first. Fun next!

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