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Book early!

Every year we have a long waitlist of groups wanting our limousines. Remember, your school isn't the only school that is having a dance that night.

Confirm Your Numbers

It is best to know how many are going to be in the group. Make sure nobody will bail out on you last second. When confirming the limo rental, if every person is chipping in, divide the cost per person and collect that immediately. That way the cost doesn't go up for everyone else or your stuck with paying the difference for those who bailed out on you. Not fun!

Dinner Reservations?

Large groups can take up to 2hrs to eat dinner. Make sure the restaurant takes reservations. If not have a parent go ahead of time and try to secure tables for the group. IF rushed on time, have everyone look at a menu before to figure out what they are going to order so it doesn't take much time when you are there.

It's OK to not be on time.

There is normally a long wait in line at the doors and for pictures. Why wait outside in front of the school when you can be having fun in the limo.

Pay your Driver first.

WHY? Since there are so many singles or couples paying, it takes time to sort out and count the money. It has taken up to 30 minutes past the reservation end time and we don't want to charge for extra time. Even better idea is to pay the week of the event so that way everything is taken care of.

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